Make Your Own Network..!

Whole world is connected each other from social sites like facebook and twitter but you can make your private network.

Here are some ways:-



23snaps is a free, private social network and photo sharing service for families that allows parents to save photos, videos, measurements and stories of their children to a digital journal and privately share those updates with other family members or close friends. 23snaps is available online and on mobile devices and launched 1 June 2012

Website :-



Founded last year, Everyme is a Y Combinator graduate that started its life as a mobile address book assistant. It soon switched to a private social network, and began applying its technology to help people create automatic groups, called “magic circles,” using address book and social network data.



The Internet has become overwhelming—too many social networks with overlapping value propositions. We have Internet ADD and we have lost all control of our online privacy. Sgrouples is the antidote to social network fatigue and personal information violations. It is the world’s first privacy-centric platform where your real life communities are in one convenient place. Create your own truly



Preserve your child’s childhood magic with Keepy – Organize Kids’ Artwork app.
Keepy is a free and easy-to-use app to help you preserve your kid’s drawings and artwork in a safe and private place. Every child creates a lot of creative art, craft, drawings, paintings and more. We usually have drawing books or scrapbooks to preserve these memories.



SquareHub is the private social network designed exclusively for your family. You can send private messages and photos, coordinate activities, manage schedules, and share those spontaneous moments of joy with the people who matter most to you!



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