5 Ways To Use Your Webcam

#1 Sighthound

Smart security camera software for your home or business


Not all security camera software is created equal. Sighthound Video puts powerful computer vision technology that is normally only deployed by government agencies into software you can have up and running in minutes.

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Applications, Utility

Top 7 Websites For Global Shipping

If you are searching for global products then go to these sites.



Tmart.com has orientated itself as a leading e-marketplace in the consumer electronics products industry, by offering customers with wide and better product selection, competitive price, superior pre-sale and after-sale services, and an efficient e-procurement platform to streamline the purchasing process.

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Checkout The Best Management Tools

Time Management

Toggl Time Tracker, Timesheet


Leading timesheet app for tracking work hours. Use the timer to log task times and get reports based on the time usage. All the time logs are synced to the cloud and you can track time also in the web version, desktop app, Chrome extension and with an Android watch – all your data is safely under one account.


Boost productivity. Increase revenue


The simplest time tracker to help you get things done
Ideal for teams, freelancers & agencies.

Log hours & find your
time sinks


Track your hours with a single click and learn where you actually spend your time. See the hours spent on various projects and tasks at a glance or dig deeper into details with our visual reports. Share professional looking reports with your clients or bosses to increase transparency and client satisfaction.

Maximise your project


Estimate project timelines and keep track of your progress with Project Dashboards. See which tasks take the most time and get an accurate picture of how profitable your projects and clients really are.

Stay on top of your
team’s performance

Bring your team on board in seconds & get a clear overview of their time usage. Easily see what everyone’s working on in real time, find your most productive team members, or schedule their timesheets to your email so that you’re always up to date with your team’s work.



Wonder where your day went? RescueTime is an automatic time and attention tracker that helps individuals and teams propagate good processes and eliminate bad habits. Fight information overload and multitask thrash!



– Accurate automatic time tracking of your mobile apps
– Report your voice call time
– Know where your web site time is spent
– Set yourself alerts and goals to manage your digital life
– Flag milestones and highlight achievements
– Historical productivity reports to see your progress
– Privacy options to chose what you care about

Manage Your Plan



GQueues is a full-featured task manager for your Google Account that helps you stay organized, be more productive and reduce stress in your life.

◆ Intuitive – lets you save the hard thinking for your real work
◆ Powerful – makes staying organized easy with GQueues doing all the work
◆ Reliable – works offline, syncs to the web, so your data is always available

★ Google Calendar integration
★ Reminders for tasks with due dates
★ Assignments
★ Comments
★ Tagging
★ Subtasks
★ Repeating tasks
★ Voice input
★ Search
★ Attachments with Google Drive integration
★ Quick View Widgets
★ DashClock Extension
★ SSL encrypted syncing of all data to your GQueues account in the cloud




With Trello you can:

• Create boards to organize anything you’re working on.
• Use them solo or invite coworkers, friends and family to collaborate.
• Customize workflows for different projects
• Add checklists of “To-Dos” on cards
• Assign tasks to yourself and coworkers
• Comment on items with your friends
• Attach files from Google Drive and Dropbox
• Upload photos and videos
• Reply to comments from Android Wear


Trello is free to use forever.

Create a to-do-list



Join millions of people around the world who are accomplishing amazing things with Todoist – the beautifully simple to-do list and task manager built for the pace of modern life. Whether you need to collaborate with your team, keep track of your most important projects, or just remember to pay the rent, Todoist is there to help you achieve more, every day.

Praised as a life-changing app by The Guardian, USA Today, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Lifehacker and more, Todoist works seamlessly across 10+ different platforms in 20 languages so you can stay motivated and productive no matter where you are.


Manage your tasks from anywhere – even offline
Add, complete, and re-schedule tasks from your phone, tablet, desktop, browser, email, smartwatch and more – even offline! Enjoy an automatic, 24/7 sync across all your devices.

Plan ahead and never miss another deadline
Keep track of your important deadlines with natural language due dates, start/end dates, and recurring due dates. View and organize your to-dos for the day or week ahead.

Easy yet powerful organization
Take your to-do listing to the next level with sub-tasks, sub-projects, color-coded projects, and priority levels.

Seamless collaboration
Share projects, assign tasks, and add comments all within the app. Get instant notifications whenever your collaborators make a change.

Visualize your productivity
Use Todoist Karma to set weekly/monthly goals, accumulate points, and track your progress with beautiful graphs color-coded by project.

Use Todoist with all your favorite apps
Make your to-do list even more powerful with integrations for Google Drive, Newton by Cloud Magic, Toggl, IFTTT, and Zapier (just to name a few).

Built for Android
Take advantage of Android’s most innovative features with Todoist’s convenient widgets, actionable notifications, Google Now and DashClock integrations, inter-app sharing, and more. Add tasks, receive notifications, and view lists sent from the app right on your wrist with Todoist for Android Wear.

Boost your productivity with Premium
▸ Set up and receive push notifications, email or SMS reminders based on your physical location or a specific due date and time.
▸ Get even more organized using task notes, enhanced labels, and powerful filters.
▸ Upload files, sound recordings and photos to your tasks from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
▸ Add tasks by forwarding an email and access your to-do lists on your iCalendar.
▸ Track and improve your productivity with extended Todoist Karma features.
▸ Set reminders on your Android Wear smartwatch using voice commands.
▸ Choose from 10 colorful themes to fit any mood and personality.
▸ And much, much more!

Google Keep

unnamed (1).png

Quickly capture what’s on your mind and get a reminder later at the right place or time. Speak a voice memo on the go and have it automatically transcribed. Grab a photo of a poster, receipt or document and easily organize or find it later in search. Google Keep makes it easy to capture a thought or list for yourself, and share it with friends and family.


Capture what’s on your mind
• Add notes, lists and photos to Google Keep. Pressed for time? Record a voice memo and Keep will transcribe it so you can find it later.
Share ideas with friends and family
• Easily plan that surprise party by sharing your Keep notes with others and collaborating on them in real time.
Find what you need, fast
• Color and add labels to code notes to quickly organize and get on with your life. If you need to find something you saved, a simple search will turn it up.
Always within reach
• Keep works on your phone, tablet, computer and Android wearables. Everything you add syncs across all of your devices so your thoughts are always with you.
The right note at the right time
• Need to remember to pick up some groceries? Set a location-based reminder to pull up your grocery list right when you get to the store.
Available everywhere
• Try Google Keep on the web at http://keep.google.com and find it in the Chrome Web Store at http://g.co/keepinchrome.


Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Introducing the stunning Infinity Display

The revolutionary design of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ begins from the inside out. We rethought every part of the phone’s layout to break through the confines of the smartphone screen. So all you see is pure content and virtually no bezel. It’s the biggest, most immersive screen on a Galaxy smartphone of this size. And it’s easy to hold in one hand.


Boundaries removed


The Infinity Display has an incredible end-to-end screen that spills over the phone’s sides, forming a completely smooth, continuous surface with no bumps or angles. It’s pure, pristine, uninterrupted glass. And it takes up the entire front of the phone, flowing seamlessly into the aluminum shell. The result is a beautifully curved, perfectly symmetrical, singular object.

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5 Important Guides/Tips To Avoid Ransomware Attacks


Ransomware is as scary as it sounds. Hackers use this technique to lock you out of your devices and demand a ransom in return for access. Ransomware puts you in a sticky situation, so it’s best to know how to avoid it.

1.Install Anti Ransomware antivirus

Avast.Free.Antivirus.v7.0.1396.BETA.Multilingual (1).png

To get protection against ransomware install anti-ransomware software in your computer /laptop and keep it updated.

Free ransomware removal tools

You can download free anti-ransomware tools below. These tools will remove ransomware viruses from your computer and decrypt any files that have been encrypted in the attack. They’ll also inform you about the types of ransomware and show you what they look like.

Protect yourself with anti-ransomware

There is no better way to recognize, remove and prevent ransomware than to use an antivirus & anti-ransomware software, and the best antivirus & anti-ransomware tool is Avast.

Why Avast?
  • Consistently rated “excellent” by industry experts
  • Trusted by 400 million people worldwide
  • It’s the “Antivirus with the lowest impact on PC performance” (AV comparatives)
  • Best features – unbreakable password security, home network protection, browser cleaning and much more
  • All for FREE

2. Microsoft ms17 010


Update your microsoft ms17 010 windows operating system.

What is MS17-010 ?

This security update resolves vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows. The most severe of the vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution if an attacker sends specially crafted messages to a Microsoft Server Message Block 1.0 (SMBv1) server.


  • All future security and non-security updates for Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2 require update 2919355 to be installed. We recommend that you install update 2919355 on your Windows RT 8.1-based, Windows 8.1-based, or Windows Server 2012 R2-based computer so that you receive future updates.
  • If you install a language pack after you install this update, you must reinstall this update. Therefore, we recommend that you install any language packs that you need before you install this update. For more information, see Add language packs to Windows.


3.  Server Message Block (SMB)


Disable  Server message block(SMB) from your window operating system.

To disable SMB
  1. On the Start menu, point to Settings, and then click Network and Dial-up Connections. …
  2. Select the Client for Microsoft Networks check box, and then click Uninstall.
  3. Follow the uninstall steps.
  4. Select File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, and then click Uninstall.
  5. Follow the uninstall steps.

4. Keep Your Data Backup


Backing up your data may sound like a daunting task, but when you do it remotely, it’s as easy as a few clicks! Just have an IT professional set up the system and the schedule or automation, and you can rest easily knowing that your data is protected, backed up, and up-to-date.

5. Enable or disable macros in Office documents

This article is about macro security and explains the risks of enabling macros and how the Trust Center in the 2007 Microsoft Office system can help to mitigate these risks.

What is a macro and what is the security risk?

Macros automate frequently-used tasks; many are created with VBA and are written by software developers. However, some macros pose a potential security risk. A person with malicious intent can introduce a destructive macro, in a document or file, which can spread a virus on your computer.


Enable or disable macros with the Trust Center

Macro security settings are located in the Trust Center. However, if you work in an organization, your system administrator might have changed the default settings to prevent anyone from changing any settings.


  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button Office button image , and then click Excel Options.
  2. Click Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings, and then click Macro Settings.
  3. Click the options that you want:
    • Disable all macros without notification Click this option if you don’t trust macros. All macros in documents and security alerts about macros are disabled. If there are documents with unsigned macros that you do trust, you can put those documents into a trusted location. Documents in trusted locations are allowed to run without being checked by the Trust Center security system.
    • Disable all macros with notification This is the default setting. Click this option if you want macros to be disabled, but you want to get security alerts if there are macros present. This way, you can choose when to enable those macros on a case by case basis.
    • Disable all macros except digitally signed macros This setting is the same as the Disable all macros with notification option, except that if the macro is digitally signed by a trusted publisher, the macro can run if you have already trusted the publisher. If you have not trusted the publisher, you are notified. That way, you can choose to enable those signed macros or trust the publisher. All unsigned macros are disabled without notification.
    • Enable all macros (not recommended, potentially dangerous code can run) Click this option to allow all macros to run. This setting makes your computer vulnerable to potentially malicious code and is not recommended.
    • Trust access to the VBA project object model    This setting is for developers and is used to deliberately lock out or allow programmatic access to the VBA object model from any Automation client. In other words, it provides a security option for code that is written to automate an Office program and programmatically manipulate the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) environment and object model. This is a per user and per application setting, and denies access by default. This security option makes it more difficult for unauthorized programs to build “self-replicating” code that can harm end-user systems. For any Automation client to be able to access the VBA object model programmatically, the user running the code must explicitly grant access. To turn on access, select the check box.

5 Amazing Tips For Youtube

#1 Turn any YouTube video into an animated GIF

Step 1: Navigate to YouTube, and the video you’d like to turn into a GIF.

Step 2: Click Share in the description box. If the video you want has the ability to make a GIF, you’ll see a tab entitled GIF, directly to the right of Email. Select the tab and find the place you want to start the GIF.

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 Tesla Model S P90D


Performance and safety refined

Model S is designed from the ground up to be the safest, most exhilarating sedan on the road. With unparalleled performance delivered through Tesla’s unique, all-electric powertrain, Model S accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in as little as 2.5 seconds. Model S comes with Autopilot capabilities designed to make your highway driving not only safer, but stress free.

Adaptive Lighting


Model S now features full LED adaptive headlamps. Besides enhancing the already great styling, they also boost safety: 14 three-position LED dynamic turning lights improve visibility at night, especially on winding roads.

Bio-Weapon Defense Mode


Model S now features a Medical grade HEPA air filtration system, which removes at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from cabin air. The bioweapon defense mode creates positive pressure inside the cabin to protect occupants.

Electric All-Wheel Drive


Dual Motor Model S is a categorical improvement on conventional all-wheel drive systems. With two motors, one in the front and one in the rear, Model S digitally and independently controls torque to the front and rear wheels. The result is unparalleled traction control in all conditions.

Conventional all-wheel drive cars employ complex mechanical linkages to distribute power from a single engine to all four wheels. This sacrifices efficiency in favor of all weather traction. In contrast, each Model S motor is lighter, smaller and more efficient than its rear wheel drive counterpart, providing both improved range and faster acceleration.

Model S Performance comes standard with All-Wheel Drive Dual Motor, pairing the high performance rear motor with a high efficiency front motor to achieve supercar acceleration, from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds.


Tesla 5 star crash rating

Model S is designed from the ground up to be the safest car on the road. Much of its safety is owed to the unique electric drivetrain that sits beneath the car’s aluminum occupant cell in its own subframe. This unique positioning lowers the car’s center of gravity, which improves handling and minimizes rollover risk, and replaces the heavy engine block with impact absorbing boron steel rails.

Side impacts are met by aluminum pillars reinforced with steel rails to reduce intrusion, protecting occupants and the battery pack while improving roof stiffness. In the event of an accident, eight airbags protect front and rear occupants, and the high voltage power source is automatically disconnected.

The touchscreen

The Model S 17 inch touchscreen controls most of the car’s functions. Opening the all glass panoramic roof, customizing the automatic climate control, and changing the radio station all happen with a swipe or a touch. The touchscreen, digital instrument cluster, and steering wheel controls seamlessly integrate media, navigation, communications, cabin controls and vehicle data.


  • Media AM/FM/HD radio, online radio, on-demand Internet radio, Bluetooth®, and USB audio devices
  • Controls Driving personalization, climate controls, and cabin controls
  • Camera High definition backup camera, optimized for visibility and safety
  • Calendar Calendar synchronization for daily schedule and tap to navigate
  • Map Simple, intuitive Google Maps™ with real time traffic information
  • Navigation Smart routing that adjusts for real time traffic conditions
  • Energy Real time energy consumption and range estimation
  • Phone Bluetooth-enabled, voice controlled handsfree phone system

Model S periodically receives over the air software updates that add new features and refresh the touchscreen look and feel.


5 Apps For Manage Your Data Usage

#1 Onavo Count for Android

Onavo-Count-for-Android (1)

How Does Onavo Count work?

Onavo Count monitors and analyzes all types of mobile data and phone use. This includes background, foreground, and Wi-Fi use. To keep your battery from being drained, Onavo Count transfers and analyzes all of your mobile data use in the cloud.

Do I have to enter my data plan info?

While you do not have to enter your billing cycle or data usage cap, it is recommended for most effective app usage.

Does Onavo Count for Android monitor all types of data usage including Wi-Fi?

Yes, it does monitor all types of data and usage including background, foreground, and WiFi usage. Please note that your operator’s data usage accounting may differ from ours.

The data usage in the widget doesn’t match the data usage I’m seeing in the app itself. Why is that?

The data usage presented in the widgets is a mirror image of the data monitored by the app itself, but there might be a short delay until the widget is updated with the most recent data. If you are still experiencing discrepancies, please contact our support team via the app settings screen.

Onavo Extend for iPhone/iPad

How does Onavo Extend work?

Onavo Extend’s installation process consists of two steps:


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

  • Download Onavo Extend from the App Store, just like any other app
  • Install the Onavo Extend profile on your device.

Onavo Extend installs a configuration profile (which includes your operator’s APN settings) on your device so that data you receive from the Internet is compressed in our cloud-based compression service, located in datacenters operated by Amazon Web Services. The compressed data is then sent to your mobile device so that you get a leaner, faster and more efficient version of the web.
Onavo Extend also gives you insight into your data usage so you can see exactly how much of your data plan is being consumed by each app you are running.

Is Onavo Extend compressing data from the moment I download or do I need to ‘start’ something?

Once you complete the installation process described above, Onavo Extend is active and your downloaded traffic is streamed through Onavo Extend’s compression servers. The service remains active even if you “kill” the app itself. You can control compression and reporting via the app’s Settings page.

I think Onavo Extend or my VPN isn’t working properly

If you notice you’re VPN stopped working or experienced connectivity issues on your phone, open Onavo Extend and go to Settings > VPN Profile > Repair VPN Profile. Tap on Repair VPN Profile to reinstall the Onavo Extend VPN Profile.

Does Onavo Extend shrink data I send, receive or both?

Currently Onavo Extend compresses data that is received (downloaded) by your mobile device and does not shrink data you send, such as photos or videos you upload. Please note that your operator’s data usage accounting may differ from ours.

Why do some images appear pixelated?

One of the many shrinking methods Onavo Extend uses is to reduce the quality of images which frequently take up a lot of data. You can choose your own balance between quality and savings in the app’s Settings screen.

Does Onavo Extend shrink encrypted (HTTPS) data?

No. Encrypted data, such as login information to a social network or your online banking session, is not accessed by our service.

Does Onavo Extend shrink data usage on personal hotspot or tethering?

No, currently Onavo Extend shrinks only data from apps on the device itself.

Does Onavo Extend shrink voice calls, VoIP, or WiFi data?

No, Onavo Extend only works on downloaded HTTP traffic over cellular networks at this stage and does not shrink or affect your voice calls, VoIP services such as Skype/Viber or WiFi data.

How do I uninstall Onavo Extend?

In the event you decide to uninstall Onavo from your iPhone or iPad, simply follow these steps in order to remove the app and profile:

  1. Go to your Settings app -> General -> Profiles
  2. Locate the profile called “Onavo”
  3. Tap Remove
  4. Go back to your home screen and delete the Onavo Extend icon


#2 Mobile Counter



Mobile Counter helps monitor your mobile and wireless data traffic.
Track your data usage to save money on bills.

– Widgets for plan data usage, mobile and wireless traffic
– Notifications
– Statistics
– Alerts for plan data limits

Features of Mobile Counter

– WiFi\GSM\CDMA Data usage 2G, 3G, 4G (EDGE, GPRS, HSDPA,HSDPA+, LTE)
– Tethering via WIFI
– Roaming
– Hotspot – wireless traffic for one SSID
– Plan for mobile traffic
– Data usage for applications

Languages support: English, German, Slovak, Polish, Chinese, Romanian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Hungary, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia

#3 Data Usage Monitor


“Data Usage Monitor” is a user-friendly app for you to manage your data usage. “Data Usage Monitor” helps you to accurately measure your daily data traffic, and analyze the data in a way easy to understand. It also pops up warnings when you are reaching the data traffic limit, which protects you from data overuse. Please try “Data Usage Monitor” to manage your data usage and plan the best way to control your data traffic!

・ Automatic Data Traffic Measurement – Once you launch the app, it will then measure your data traffic automatically. Whenever you are concerned about your data usage, simply launch the app to check!

・ Precise Measurement on the Data Usage – It measures precisely the data usage of your smart phone. Don’t worry! This app can accurately measure between any time intervals. For Wi-Fi data usage, it is sorted by SSID!

・ Easy-to-read Statistics Interface – Measured usage is separated in terms of Wi-Fi and Mobile displayed in graphs that are easy to read. What’s more, you can sort by app data usage, so you know which apps are the most data-consuming!

・Premium Features – Premium users can enjoy features such as the display of data traffic on the home screen by using our app widget!

#4 BitMeter OS

BitMeter OS is a free, open-source, bandwidth monitor that works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. BitMeter OS keeps track of how much you use your internet/network connection, and allows you to view this information either via a web browser, or by using the command line tools.

The Web Interface displays various graphs and charts that show how your internet/network connection has been used over time – online demo available.

The Monitor pane displays a graph that updates once each second, showing you what’s happening with your connection right now:


The Query pane gives you detailed information about your bandwidth usage on any date/s that you specify, and lets you export the results to a spreadsheet.


The History pane illustrates how your connection usage has changed over the last few hours, days, and months.


BitMeter OS also lets you define Alerts to notify you when your internet usage exceeds some limit that you specify.


#5 3G Watchdog

3G Watchdog monitors your Mobile and WiFi Internet data usage:

* Counts your Mobile (4G / 3G / Edge / GPRS) & WiFi usage and displays it as graph, text, and table.
* Usage by application (Android 2.2+)
* Shows your current usage status as a notification icon (green/orange/red) in the status bar.
* Plan & day usage history with CSV export/import.
* Alerts & optional auto-disable of mobile network
* Data usage widget (2 sizes). Mobile network disable/enable widget (Android 2.3 – 4.4).
* Real Time traffic graphs (Mobile and WiFi)

Translated in over 20 languages.


– Should NOT be installed on SD card!


* On the Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 dual-SIM phone 3GW counts mobile data usage only for the SIM card inserted in the first slot.

* Doesn’t count properly usage on Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A (SM-G906S and SM-G901F) with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Please contact us if you want to help to fix this problem.

* On Android 5.0+ the “Disable mobile network” function does not work (the mobile data switch widget and the auto-disable feature are both affected). This is because on Lollipop the enable/disable function is no longer accessible to third-party apps.

* Doesn’t count properly global usage on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 – this problem affects other data counting applications as well and is caused by a bug on the tablet itself.

* Doesn’t count properly global mobile usage on Samsung Galaxy R / Z (i9103) and possibly Galaxy Y. Problems were also reported with the Captivate Glide.

* HTC Velocity 4G and HTC Vivid on ICS: be sure to CHECK the “Use pre-froyo..” option in 3GW Settings > Advanced, or mobile usage won’t be counted.


If you run into problems and wish to help to solve the problem while giving the community a chance to get a better 3GW, please send a mail to contact@3gwatchdog.fr with details.

-> See the FAQ at http://www.3gwatchdog.fr/en/faq


5 Amazing Photography Effect

#1.  Selective Coloring Effect

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In this effect, we’ll learn an easy way to create a popular selective coloring effect, converting a photo to black and white while leaving the main subject in full color. If that sounds complicated or time consuming, it’s not. In fact, as we’ll see, the entire effect can be created in just a few short steps using nothing more than a selection tool, an adjustment layer and a layer mask!

For my image, I want to leave the four Easter eggs in color while converting everything else to black and white. Here’s what the final result will look like:photoshop-selective-coloring-effect.jpg

#2. Blur Effect

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Behold the power of the Blur Tool! With it’s Paint feature, you have the ability to decide which parts of your photos you want to remain sharp and in focus, and which will fade away into the background. Use it to control depth of field and direct your audience’s attention to what matters most in your image. Create a miniature world with a tilt­shift effect. Blur images and transcend the limits of perspective with unmatched ease!


Change depth, create surreal effects and captivate your audience with Blur.


#3. Andy Warhol “pop art” effect

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ConvertImage offers the best Andy Warhol online pictures generator. You can create four pictures of you in 4 flashy neon colors typical of the sixties, directly online, in less than 15 seconds!

Andy Warhol is an American photographer who gave birth to the pop art movement in the 1960s. He became famous around the world for its four bicolor Marilyn Monroe portraits, playing excessively with the contrast of colors.

Transforming a photo in the way of Andy Warhol seems very simple yet it is very hard to get a good result. ConvertImage is the site you need to make a pop art portrait “the Warhol way” (or Roy Lichtenstein), without photo editing software and directly online!

Even after a Tutorial pop art and using editing software, such as Photoshop ®, Photofiltre ® or Gimp ®, the result will be deceiving, and will not have that “Warhol” genuine. Warholise a photo does not just happen!

The ConvertImage Warhol effect has a very high level of quality: your outcome photo will be automatically converted into 4 multiple portraits, suitable for all your editing, retouching, your identity fashion photos, or simply to create a giant “Pop Art” poster, typical of the sixties and almost cult for several generations!

 #4. Animated Gif effect

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Add an unexpected twist to your photo with animated effects

We know how funny it is to share a zany animated ecard with friends on Christmas, Halloween or any other date (we do it either). Following the photo to animation trend we created all of these gif frames, effects and photo jokes.

Make animated greeting cards with fun gif photo frames and effects

Animated photo frames and effects on this page will instantly turn any photo into an awesome greeting card. With these gif photo editor you can easily make an animated card for Christmas, New Year or Halloween holidays, a gif photo joke, a love card in the form of animation or a beautiful picture in .gif extension.

Congratulate your loved ones on these winter holidays with cozy animated Christmas greeting cards decorated with candles and lights, or make them smile by sharing an animated holiday e-card with funny dancing penguins. You can also add a falling snow animation to your winter photos. Here you’ll find animated photo templates for other holidays as well. E.g., if you want to become a vampire, the master of night creatures, be sure to make this amusing Halloween animation with bats.

You can also play a photo joke and make a zany photo to animation card, where your friend is caught by an attractive nurse, or animate his or her portrait photo with this ‘Magical X-Ray Phone’ effect. For girls and women there is a special photo effect which can turn them into an animated incarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

Those who are looking for a romantic template to make an animated love card should pay attention to such animated photo effects as ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘My X-Ray Film’.

You can also make traditional gif cards with beautiful photo effects. Unite several photos into one animation with an old style photo album template, place your portrait behind a free-falling waterfall or turn it into an animated hologram.

Use this online animated gif maker to convert your photos into .gif pictures and add unusual animated effects online and for free.

#5. Face Retouch effect

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The service automatically removes red eye and skin defects (pimples, wrinkles, etc.), makes the skin look matte and whitens the teeth.

To give your skin a tanned look, enhance the portrait with soft focus effect and blur the background there is the ‘Glamour effect’ option. In case there are several faces in a photo, all of them will be enhanced.

Virtual makeup will help you to outline the eyes, remove red eye, improve skin texture and whiten the teeth in your portrait photo. Thanks to the advanced face detection algorithm, all these face retouch effects are fully automated.

So, first the algorithm finds the eyes in a photo, then scans them for the red eye effect and corrects the color of pupils if needed. Similarly, the algorithm performs skin retouching: it analyzes the skin color, evens out the skin and removes imperfections and oily glare. Besides, the algorithm enhances a person’s look by whitening the teeth and the whites of the eyes.



Learn About Chromecast

What is Chromecast?

what-is-chromecast (1).jpg

Chromecast is a media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Simply use your mobile device and the TV you already own to cast your favourite TV shows, films, music, sport, games and more. Chromecast works with iPhone®, iPad®, Android phones and tablets, Mac® and Windows® laptops and Chromebooks.*

An easy way to get video, music and games to your TV


Your phone is a simple, powerful remote. Open the mobile apps that you already know and love to quickly access things like your TV shows, your playlists, your queues. No new logins or downloads required.

Simply tap the Cast button to see your favourite content on the big screen.

By using your phone, it’s easy to browse, queue and control the TV from anywhere in the home. And you can still keep using your phone for other things without disrupting what’s playing or draining your battery.


Unlimited entertainment, all on your schedule With Chromecast, you’re in command. Choose from over 200,000 TV shows & films, 30 million songs, plus radio, sport, games and more. Discover a range of free, subscription or paid content from hundreds of apps.



Get started in 3 easy steps




Plug Chromecast into your HDTV and power up. Then visit chromecast.com/setup

See how to plug in





Connect your phone or tablet to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast

See how to set up





Simply tap the Cast button in a Cast-enabled app and choose a video to play on your TV

Find apps to cast

Cast from your phone



Enjoy your favourite apps and entertainment on the big screen.

  1. Open a Cast-enabled app, like Google Play Movies, on your phone.
  2. Find a video to play.
  3. Tap the Cast button and select your Chromecast.
  4. Play, pause and adjust the volume, right from your phone

Cast websites from your laptop


Enjoy photos, videos, music and anything else from your favourite websites on the big screen.

  1. Open the Chrome browser on your laptop.
  2. Visit any website in Chrome.
  3. Click the Cast button in the Chrome browser and select your Chromecast.


Mirror your Android phone or tablet screen to the TV


See exactly what’s on your Android device by casting your screen to the TV.

  1. From your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Home app.
  2. Tap the left hand navigation to open the menu.
  3. Tap Cast screen / audio and select your Chromecast device.

Customise your TV screen


When you’re not casting, turn your TV screen into a beautiful backdrop filled with images.

  1. From your phone or tablet, open the Google Home app.
  2. On the Devices tab, tap the gear icon.
  3. From the device settings, tap Backdrop to turn it on.
  4. Select the topics you’d like to see on your TV.

Using guest mode


Guest mode makes it even easier for your friends to cast to your TV, after initial setup, using their phones without first having to connect to your Wi-Fi.

  1. Open a Cast-enabled app from a phone or tablet, without connecting to your Wi-Fi.
  2. The Cast button will automatically appear, even though you’re not connected to the Wi-Fi. Tap the Cast button and select “Nearby device”.
  3. Follow the prompts to connect automatically.
  4. If the phone can’t automatically connect, you can enter the 4-digit PIN displayed on the TV screen or on the “Device” tab of the owner’s Google Home app.