A Case Cover That Can Improve The Usage Of Smartphones And Watch Over It OTOMOS


OTOMOS is a smartphone case and an application that provides functions such as how to get in touch with smartphones and watching over between parents and children.

“OTOMOS” has made necessary services while listening to the voices of mothers, fathers and children who have children who actually have smartphones and principals who specialize in problems of smartphones and young people.

We are planning to add more functions in the future.


A smartphone that you can always play and connect with anytime.

As a result of becoming indispensable to life, troubles and anxiety of dad mothers are rapidly increasing.

Building a secure relationship of “parent-child x smaho” by adding a missing service right now while controlling well the part which will adversely affect your child’s growth.

OTOMOS was developed with the goal in mind.


Till late at night ~ Because they are getting awake by touching a smartphone,

“There seems to be hard to get up these mornings …” “I am not able to concentrate on my studies” “Does not my grades have dropped” What do you mean?

In such a case convenient is “time zone restriction function”.

Since you can apply usage restrictions in a predetermined time zone, you will be free from the trouble of not being able to keep the rules!


After downloading an application, parents, using their own smartphones, can control their children’s daily smartphone usage (shown in diagram)


The OTOMOS device lets parents turn off their child’s device during dinner time (pictured right). Older children aged five to 15 spend four hours a day on their devices


In the questionnaire, the function that said 95% of mother wanted was the automatic notification function at the time of the accident.

When there is something wrong happening in the accident, notifications will be delivered to contacts you registered in advance.

Because the location information and the situation of the child are notified, it is possible for early measures such as closer people to catch up, keep in touch with everyone.


Japanese customers can buy the case at mobile phone shops in August for 500 yen ($4.50, £3.50) but is not yet known when this device will become available across the world.

Dressing change is possible by pasting the included cover sheet on the back of the case. This allows you to customize to your favorite design.


(Four types of cover sheets are bundled corresponding to the color of the model.)


Weight: 110 g

Material: PC (polycarbonate)

Outside dimension: W 70 × H 150 × D 18 (mm)

Wireless system: Bluetooth ver 4.0, Wi-SUN

Corresponding profile: Bluetooth: GATT, Wi-SUN: HAN

Battery: lithium polymer battery

Battery capacity: approx. 1200 mAh

Average duration: up to about 20 hours

Input (micro-USB): DC 5 V / 1A (MAX)

Output (Lightning connector): 5 V / 1A

Charging time: about 2.5 hours

Supported models: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 +, iPhone 6 s, iPhone 6 s +

Contents: OTOMOS main unit, cover sheet (4 types), micro USB charging cable, screwdriver for special screw

(Specifications, designs, etc. may be subject to change without notice.) Please be forewarned.

【Company Profile】


Momo Co., Ltd. established on March 9, 2016. We mainly handle contract development of iPhone application, web system etc. and IoT new development project (OTOMOS).

In June 2016, he was elected to five companies in Kobe City’s venture support business and Kobe global startup gateway phase 2, he received guidance on technology, strategy and management from various angles and also connected with the network of large companies between Tokyo and Hanshin To improve the accuracy of the project.

In October, we were selected as 10 companies targeting the Osaka municipal venture support project and the Osaka city acceleration program, and we got support and guidance from large companies and listed companies based in Osaka, Kansai . In November, it was also adopted as a creative entrepreneurship support project in Hyogo Prefecture.

We are raising the accuracy of the project by receiving various guidance of technology and management in such a company support project.

In January 2017, we participated in the 2nd phase of SHARP IoT MAKE Bootcamp, a support program related to Sharp’s manufacturing and mass production, and it was difficult to break and needed technologies such as mass production design and factory selection I am raising my knowledge.

In terms of finance, the angel investment from multiple representatives such as the Government Finance Corporation, Hyogo Prefecture Challenge Lending System, listed companies, etc. has been executed or confirmed, and since January 2017, about 60 million Fund procurement of yen is confirmed, and the prospect of funds for mass production is attached.


Q1: How do you put restrictions?

A1: The mechanism built into the case is designed to press the sleep button (patented)

Q2: How is charging done?

A2: Insert the enclosed micro USB cable into the case, and charge the smartphone through the case. We designed so that the battery on the case side does not go away first.

Q3: If parent’s smartphone is an android terminal, or if it is Garakai, can you not receive the service?

A3: Although the smartphone of the child to be restricted is the iPhone, the terminal of the parents side can use it not only for the iPhone, but also for the android and the feature phone. For iPhone, android If you install the application, in the case of the feature phone, you can use the same service through a dedicated Web site.

Q4: Can I remove the case immediately?

A4: It is not possible to remove it unless you use the screwdriver for our custom screw which is enclosed. To remove it, you will need to remove it with a special screwdriver.

Q5: What happens when a child erases an application?

A5: There is a strong limit on your child’s smartphone. Re-installing the special application enables usual use (※ usable for 1 minute, it will be unusable for 1 minute thereafter)

Q6: There is a 24-month service free as a return benefit, what happens from the 25th month?

A6: In-app billing will result in a normal charge (300 yen per month) from the 25th month. In the case of using iPhone, android, in-app billing, users using the Web will be informed to the settlement flow site at the time of login from the 25th month onwards.


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