SAFER Smart Jewellery- Pendant with White Safer V1.0

If you or your loved ones feel unsafe and vulnerable when travelling alone, then this smart pendant is ideal for you. In case of an emergency all you have to do is double press the button on back side of the pendant and it will send an SOS alert to your guardians with your current location.


Jewelry With Technology


SAFER Smart Jewelry is a pendant with patent pending SAFER technology inside which ensures that the user is always connected to her loved ones. The smart pendant pairs with the user’s smartphone via “SAFER by Leaf” app using Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 technology

Keeps You Safe and Connected


Send emergency alerts with current location to your guardians by double pressing the button on the back side. The guardians will receive a message with street address and a link on which they can track your live location.



With this feature in the SAFER App, you can share your live location for a trip with your friends and family. They can track your movements and know your estimated time of arrival also. This removes the need of continuous calling to know the whereabouts of the person travelling.

Guardians don’t need Smartphones


During our journey of product development, we realised that not all the guardians might have a smartphone and that should not stop you from adding them. Just add them in your guardian list and they will get the emergency alerts via SMS along with street address of your location.



With this feature in the SAFER app, you can locate and navigate to the nearest hospital and police stations across the globe. This way, you can also help yourself when feeling unsafe


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