The first Xbox One would disappear to make room for the One X

The very first version of the current spearhead of the Microsoft consoles is no longer offered for sale in several online stores of the brand.

Disappeared! Microsoft seems to have decided that it was time that the first Xbox One, the massive black model marketed (or not) with Kinect, leaves its curtsy. This one is now not found on the pages of the American Microsoft Store and is declared “sold out” on the English store. On the French version of the online store, more than Xbox One black either! Only the Xbox One S released at the end of last summer and declined in many versions and colors, is available for purchase.

Microsoft wants to prepare the ground for the Xbox One X?


The Xbox One X, whose arrival is scheduled on November 7, is also present in the virtual catalog. Microsoft also took advantage of the Gamescom show in Cologne to launch the first phase of preorder on the model Project Scorpio Edition acting as a Day One pack. The latter is no longer available on the French online sales site but can still be found on other retailers (such as FNAC). Last night, Friday, August 25th, Mike Nichols (Corporate Vice President of Marketing for Xbox) said the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition was the “console of the Xbox ecosystem to be the fastest selling pre-order.” However, the egg laying of the American giant did not give a few figures to substantiate this statement.


You missed (or do not want) the “Project Scorpio Edition” model but still want to make sure you have the next Microsoft console on the day of its release? Be reassured, Mike Nichols announced that the opening of pre-orders for the classic Xbox One X is expected to take place in the coming weeks.


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