IPhone 8: Will the wireless load be too slow ?


Apple’s next iPhone would only use version 1.2 of the Qi wireless charging standard. Less powerful than the last one, it would offer a less efficient load.


What performance for the wireless charging of the iPhone 8? The next Apple smartphone could use the Qi standard, but would only be equipped with its version 1.2, limited to a power of 7.5 W, according to Macotakara. Yet a newer version allows to reach the 15 W, thus allowing a loading twice faster.

Will it be more patient than with the current iPhone? Not necessarily, given that they are delivered by default with a 5W charger, being less powerful than the future standard Qi chosen by Apple. Currently, only the power supply that comes with the iPad (and compatible with the iPhone) reaches for example the 12 W in the brand range to the apple.

The choice of Apple could be motivated by a search for limitation of the release of heat during the recharge. This phenomenon can indeed be felt on fine devices (such as a smartphone) with this wireless technology.

A Qi standard with flanged compatibility?


The other limitation would come from the bridging of the norm Qi in itself. Apple would indeed have added a proprietary control to initiate the recharge. This means that the Qi accessories already available on the market will not be compatible with the iPhone 8. The same goes for public wireless charging terminals (eg in airports) or those installed in certain car models. To be compatible with the iPhone 8, accessories manufacturers should therefore sign an MFI (Made For iPhone) contract with Apple.

They would integrate the controller required to trigger the wireless recharge. With such a scenario, the system would therefore have a much more limited interest than can be expected. Apple should also prove once again its ability to create an exclusive ecosystem. A feat however successful several times in the past, first with the connector Dock of the iPod and the first iPhone, then the port Lightning from the iPhone 5. It should be fixed on September 12, date for presentation Of the new device.


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