Dell unveils its mixed reality headset


Designed to work with the Windows Mixed Reality platform, the Dell Visor will be released in October in the US from $ 350.

While the IFA fair has not yet opened, Dell has just revealed details about its mixed reality headphones. Dell Visor, announced last May at Computex in partnership with Microsoft. His price ? $ 349.99 for headphones and $ 99.99 for controllers. The kit will be sold at $ 449.99.

Probably out in October

All of this will be available on Dell’s official website, then Microsoft’s and BestBuy’s. It should be marketed on American soil by the month of October according to The Verge, but Dell contented itself with evoking “the coming months”.

White, the device is above all comfortable with a flip-up visor, special padding for the face, the possibility of adjusting the helmet to its size and a minimum of pressure weighing on the nose and cheeks. The cables are connected to the rear for more freedom of movement. It has two 1440 X 1440 pixel LCD screens, as well as tracking cameras on the front.


The controllers look like the controllers presented by Microsoft during its Build last May and developed in partnership with Acer. This product complements Dell’s range of devices already dedicated to virtual reality made up of computers and laptops.


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