Dacia renews the Duster epic


Frankfurt. By reviving the fundamentals of the automobile, this SUV before time has given its nobility to the entry-level.

At first glance, it’s the same. Looking at it a little closer, the differences appear in numbers and begin to accredit the idea that it is 100% new. This statement by Renault can only be verified at the next Frankfurt Motor Show, where it will appear for the first time publicly. We must therefore content ourselves with the chicken information issued by the manufacturer who wants to keep some revelations for Germany.


Obviously, he navigates exactly in the wake of his predecessor whose modernist aesthetic codes he adopts. With more than 2 million units sold since its launch (under the Renault or Dacia brands depending on the country), the Duster has perfectly assumed its role as a globe-trotter. Its rusticity in two-wheel drive has seduced developing countries where the middle class is struggling to afford a classic SUV but “intends to show its success”, while its 4×4 version attracted those who face the conditions of taxiing the most difficult.

Designed in the mid-2000s as a laboratory driving new consumer trends, it also harpooned in the West the “realists”, those who want to pay the right price for a car service without appearing in a car at a discount . This delicate notion of the right price, Louis Schweitzer wondered about its relevance in Europe. When he asked the reporters, he gathered a unanimous chorus of fans of the first hour of the Duster. It was obviously necessary to commercialize in Europe this vehicle which had not been designed for her and which risked cannibalizing the classic ranges of the rhombus.

Affected Detachment


Buying a SUV or price of a compact sedan quickly appeared to everyone’s eyes as a relevant idea, with its insolence, allowing to display a “detachment concerned” with respect to the use of the automobile. “As early as 2010, Renault remembers, Dacia dares and the price argument is a hit. It is besides around this theme that the pub Duster then staged a rather caricatural couple who, after testing Duster, wonders about its price. At the announcement of this one “from 11,900 euros”, the client is offended: “we will still not spend so little? “.

The phenomenon Dacia Duster is launched, subtle notion where the “baba-cool” meets the craftsman at the pump. Precisely, it is on this point of consumption that the Duster fished, using engines more than very fresh. The tracking of CO2 emissions will make the new model evolve towards more environmentally friendly and more sober mechanics, probably installed in a very close chassis because it will not have to re-equip the factories that produce it.

At the right price

Other features include the ribbed hood with a more horizontal profile, the thicker chrome-stained lower ski in the mass to resist scratches, heavily hemmed wings, extended by black profiles, redesigned roof rails and ground clearance more perched on 17-inch alloy wheels as standard instead of 16. On the other hand, it is the secret defense on the cockpit which has been totally revised in order to provide him a superior standing and comfort.

It is clear that the Dacia Duster wants to remain the SUV “scandalously accessible” and continue the momentum of the two million Duster already sold in seven years. A tidal wave that reminds us of an anecdote. While Renault was launching this vehicle for the developing countries – it was not about Europe – he had timidly invited automotive journalists to come and try it alongside economists, privileged for the occasion. Very few had answered, but those who had made the trip (we were) had at once foreshadowed the understanding of the concept going back to the fundamentals, led at that time by Gérard Detourbet who was inspired by another car “minimal But at the right price, the Twingo.


The new Duster will keep its dual 4×2 or 4×4 proposal, maintaining the idea of ​​a robust, reliable and versatile vehicle that can withstand climatic constraints and conditions of use at the same time severe and varied under all the latitudes. “Flex Fuel” version for Brazil, right-hand drive and specific design for India, tropicalized for Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Colombia …) and the Maghreb , the Duster draws from its various missions an aura in Europe which only clashed with the too rustic aspect of its cockpit. This time, Dacia would have the answer, to check in Frankfurt on September 12th.


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