IFA 2017: Asus launches in turn a mixed reality helmet


At a brief conference, Asus announced several laptops but also its interpretation of the reality helmet mixed with Microsoft, the Asus MR.


Between the upcoming Windows 10 upcoming and competitors (Acer, Dell, HP or Lenovo) who announce their AR / VR headphones, Asus could not stand idly by. It is in Berlin that the manufacturer announced the forthcoming release of its own solution, the Asus MR (for Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset).

The Asus headset maintains the same operating principle as all the models announced so far. Thus, on both sides of its visor (which takes up almost the motif of the back of the Zenfone ROG) are two cameras for the reality mixed and which serve in particular to capture the movements of the future and compatibles controllers of Microsoft, helmet.


Note that the visor is equipped with a mechanism allowing it to pivot up to 90 °. Thus, it is useless to remove the helmet to take a break, it is enough to raise the visor to have foot again … in the reality. From a technical point of view, Asus simply announced that the helmet weighed less than 400 grams and has a notched clamping system, much like Sony’s PSVR in short.


The two embedded screens display an image of 1440 by 1440 pixels each, refreshed at 90 Hz, for an overall image definition close to the 3K (2880 by 1440). The connection to the PC is via a USB 3.0 and a video output (HDMI 2.0) and Asus announces that the setting and start-up takes only 10 to 15 minutes maximum. However, it will be necessary to wait to have it in the hands to make sure. Moreover, the manufacturer did not give an exit date but it nevertheless split a price: 449 euros, joysticks included.


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