Netflix adds support for the HDR for its contents on the Galaxy Note 8 and Xperia XZ1


HDR support on smartphone for Netflix content is improving. Until now, only users with a LG V30 and Sony Xperia XZ Premium could enjoy it and thus have better color rendering. Netflix added two new devices to the list.


The first is the Galaxy Note 8 that Samsung announced on Aug. 23 at a conference in New York. The smartphone, which wants to be high-end at all levels (even for the price with a price of 1,009 euros), now supports the HDR for Netflix. The other smartphone now supported is the Xperia XZ1 from Sony. It was announced last week at IFA and also ranks as a high-end smartphone.


How to take advantage of the HDR if you have a Netflix account and one of the listed devices? It’s very simple: just download the latest update from the Netflix application … and that’s it. The video-on-demand subscription service will automatically recognize the device used and activate HDR support.

Note that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + are not eligible for HDR support. The situation may change over the coming months. But the support of the Galaxy Note 8 that has just been announced and the absence for the Galaxy S8 is however suspect.


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