Six million pirated Instagram accounts


Six million accounts pirated Instagram … From hackers where I access the informations of six million social network users in the world. Who is it? What’s the trouble to stop?

Since a few years ago, Instagram is one of the social networks the most popular, especially the jeunes, three different stories that I propose. On and post your holiday photos on the board of the water or your photos of friends between friends. The result, the social network, who is part of Facebook, has more than 700 million users today. Six million of us were victims of pirating.

Affected stars and strangers


Among the six million people affected, there are many unknowns, but also celebrities, because Instagram is very popular among stars. And the hackers are now trying to sell the numbers of some known singers or actors on the Internet for a few dollars.

So how do you know if your account has been hit? The operation is currently quite complicated. And for good reason, Instagram confirmed a few days ago that he had been the victim of a piracy, but at the time the social network explained that it concerned only a few dozen accounts of celebrities.

What can hackers do with this data?


As to who are the hackers and what they want to do with all this data collected, impossible to say at the moment, but they could try to use the email addresses they harvested to make phishing.

This technique involves sending fake mail on behalf of a large company, such as an operator or a power supplier, to try to get your credit card number. So little tip: in the days to come watch out though the emails you receive are genuine.


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