The Philips P5 processor for the best OLED and Qantum Dot screens


TV manufacturers are split between OLED and QLED technologies. Philips chooses another route, offering devices in both categories but equipped with a brand new graphics engine.


Philips chose IFA in Berlin to unveil its new asset for the highly competitive TV market: the P5 processor. According to brand spokespersons, “P5 combines the power of five processors into one, delivering all the processing power needed to comfortably manage the amount of data delivered by 4K images. The P5 analyzes, isolates, and then individually addresses each of the five variables that define image quality: source perfection, sharpness, color, contrast and motion.”


Already this processor has been integrated into several televisions. This is the case of the Philips TV OLED 55POS9002. A superb machine whose design and image quality have just been rewarded by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA). OLED display for deep blacks and vibrant colors, 3-sided ambilight (background light), Android TV function, DTS HD Premium sound … Nothing but great!


Without being challenged, commercially or in its performance, the OLED technology must coexist with the Quantum Dot (quantum box, semiconductor nanostructure). The promoters of the “QLED” are considering an unlimited future in the dimension of screens. Philips introduces this technology in its 8000 series. Available in 55 ” (140 cm) or 65 ” (165 cm), the Philips 8602 features Quantum Dot technology, range, P5 image processing engine and Ambilight three-sided.

Note also the integration of Google Assistant in Philips TVs. There will be no need to press the keys, only to speak to the remote control!


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