Introducing Android 8.0 Oreo™ 8 amazing features

Your favourite cookie is now coming in your phone. It is smarter, faster, powerful and so delicious look absolutely mouthwatering.

Here are the 8 amazing features in A.O

Quick notifications:


You can now see what’s new in each app individually. In the Android Oreo main screen, just touch and hold for a while on the application icon in question so that a small menu opens. There, in addition to the shortcuts, there are also quick notifications.

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how about watching videos or even making a call with the front camera and being able to navigate normally on Android at the same time? Picture-in-picture allows the window with the video to overlay the rest of the screen so that multitasking is possible.



Earlier, password managers like Dashlane and LastPass needed to use features that cheated on Android’s security to work. With Android Oreo, however, they operate natively and securely. Save and enter your information in the blink of an eye.



Of course one of the biggest fevers could not stay out of Android Oreo. The new version of the Google system redesigns the 2,000 emojis already present before, in addition to adding 60 new faces to open the range of expression. Use your style freely in Android 8.0!



The Android Oreo settings window has gained a new face. The structure of the menus is now simpler and does not have group separation, as was the case in Nougat and earlier. Get to the point by browsing through the various options available in the settings.

Instant Apps:


The feature that lets you run apps without having to install them has existed since Android 6.0, but is now natively enabled on Android Oreo. No more need to occupy the memory of your phone with certain features that can be rotated in an instant.



Android Oreo can unite two crucial features to users: speed and autonomy. The speed with which the devices with the new green robot switch almost doubled, while the battery consumption has decreased. From now on apps use less power to run. 

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A good number of extra layers of protection have been added to Android Oreo. Google Play Protect now scans apps and checks for any danger in installing them. Download only apps that are considered safe by Google’s store.

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