Apple iPhone X: iOS 11 confirms features and reveals new features

A few days before the presentation of Apple, we fill up with new information thanks to the leak of the final version of iOS 11.

This is the final version that Apple will distribute to its customers in a few days. It is also the version of iOS that will be installed natively on the next iPhone, and of course, the system contains a lot of information about the new device.

The first element is of course a new confirmation of the design of this new iPhone and its screen edge to edge OLED that is recognized by the demarcation of the sensors on the front, above the screen.

Goodbye to the main iPhone button


Did you find the navigation in iOS confused because the system used only one navigation button instead of three for Android? Prepare yourself because it’s going to be much worse with the new iPhone.

According to iOS 11, the system will not use a virtual home button on the new iPhone. Instead, there will be a small line-based screen, which will bring up a dynamic area in the manner of the dock present on the new iPad Pro.

Face ID Identification


The files of iOS 11 confirm that Face ID will be the commercial name of the new method of identification of the iPhone by visual recognition of the user.

Emotions faithful to your expressions


Some emojis will have the right to a 3D version that it will be possible to share with iMessage. These animojis (for animated emojis) will follow the user’s face to reproduce his facial expression and the movement of his lips.

4K camera at 60 fps and new portrait mode


It will be able to film in 4K at 60 images per second, a first to our knowledge on smartphone. The camera can also shoot in 1080p at 240 frames per second, or 4K at 24 frames per second.

The most interesting is the novelties brought to the portrait mode, that is to say the possibility of creating an artificial bokeh effect behind the subject photographed. The new version, called Portrait Lighting, which would simulate different lighting on the subject of the photo. Here are the proposed lighting: natural, studio, scene and contour.

True Tone Display and OLED Wallpapers

Until now reserved for the iPad, the True Tone Display will be compatible with the new iPhone.

Apple has also added new wallpapers to iOS that take into account the specificities of OLED displays with vivid colors and lots of black. According to our colleagues, the screen will have a definition of 2436 by 1125 pixels, difficult to find a less standard definition.

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