A supercar for a superhero – Dodge Viper

In a failing city a dying supercar is on the ropes. When Detroit’s automotive based economy goes south , the last true muscle car from the motor city is laid off. Those were dark days. The economy deteriorated and they were without a Viper. In the depths of despair and the middle of bankruptcy, a former designer is thrust into a moment of choice. It was a strange time. Cars like this are not natural when you’re rebuilding a car company. The solution is simple. Put pen to paper and redisgn an icon. What could be a better symbol of resurgence than, bringing back the Viper.The result a clandestine project hidden in plain sight that cluminates in a machine known the world over simply as…..the VIPER.

Its the peak of a 20 year long quest for American speed. A massive 8.4 litter, V10 roaring loudly to the tune of 640 tire torchinf horespower. Nd 600 foot pounds of frame wrenching torque. All of which rockets the machine to a top speed of over 320 km an hour. But as of April 2009 the 5th generation of the Dodge Viper was permanently grounded. The company went through a bankruptcy and they were left without any prospect of doing a new Viper. The 2008 financial crisis affects car markers around the globe. Forcing Chrysler into bankruptcy, including their Dodge division, which manufacturers the Viper.


Ralph Gilles, a former head designer is thrust into the CEO role for Dodge’s SRT performance division. They were building new plants, and fixing older cars. Task with raising the spirits of a now beleaguered company Ralph decides the best cure is to dream big; supercar big.


In typical Viper fashion, the first element discussed is speed. They wanted to actually reduce the aerodynamic drag so that they could achieve a top speed of 206 miles an hour. 331 kms an hour would make project F117 the fastest production Viper ever. The perception of the Viper is a crude, raw sports car. For years the raw back to basics feeling was a selling point. You have to remember it didn’t have windows. It didnt’ have air condition back in the day.


The modern supercar landscape is different . Drivers have involved. They want more technology. More comfort and more perfromance. The machine is made up of over 3700 unique parts. The most important of ones ypu can touch. They start by inventing the Viper’s interior.When the Viper first came around it wasn’t about the interior in the car.

At just under 73,000 euros, half the price of any Ferrari or Lamborghini, the SRT Viper is one of the most affordable supercars. This is the most over the top American car ou can possibly buy. Its got the fastest tires in the back. Its got a huge hulking V10 under the hood 8.4 litters worth. Look it’s the ultimate acme rocket strap to the back of Wile E. Coyote. The generation five Viper breaks the track record at the infamous Laguna Seca raceway in California. An American Supercar with a totally manual transmission. F30 will go on and on about their seats being comfortable and the interior being nice. Its about going out for a two hour drive on a weekend on a nice day and then being exhausted by the time you get home.

The car is all ridiculous. I mean a superhero would drive this car. A supercar for a superhero.


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