Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro – your face is big

Shrinking after Asus and Taiwan’s show, the next generation of Zenfone phones arrived in Europe , which is already fourth. The first did not say much, but the second was quite impressive, though it was an Intel chipset, but the top model with 4 GB of RAM was quite unique in its time. Then came last year the third act, which could have been good, but on the one hand it was late in the market, and on the other hand it did not reach the favorable level in price, so it was barely consumed in our region, perhaps the low-priced Max could produce something, while the battery was only outstanding in battery life. Let’s say this is typically a point that counts as many.


But there were too many problems. Already at Zenfone 2 it was felt that ZenUI’s massively exaggerated complexity is simply unlovable, constantly updating, swirling, and full of a bunch of applications that the average crowd opens at a time when “this is the bush “To close the ZenTalk messaging application right away. And although it has been said so far that the camera is so cool and so super-cool, it was pretty mediocre almost all of Zenfone’s up to now, with the exception of the most recently tested Zoom Sit was reported, but it was spirited, but the pricing itself was set aside. Well, the time to go, which is very late. Additionally, it was not easy to navigate between different Zenfone devices.


So now it was necessary for him to be very radically changed if he really wanted to conquer the hearts of European buyers. The Zenfone 4 family is made up of several members, even before the official announcement we have made the ultimate heaven of self-portrait fetishists, the two front-facing cameras on a private barrel called Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro, which might be a better place for a so-called lifestylemagazine editor than we do in us because it does not light us so much that we can expand the field of view by switching cameras, we can wash the background and we can distort our heads by bothering different beauty-turbulent algorithms. But if we look at what hardware the extroverted will do by hardware, then we will see that it is still worth considering when we are basically seldom posing as a well-assembled, thoughtful, graceful, and most fully capable machine we get.


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