How to access social media without internet

If you are interested in being updated on social media and not having internet, you have a big problem. So this problem is also solved.

Without the Internet, the smartphone does not seem to be of any use in today’s time. In such a situation, if your phone ends the internet or you are in a place where the internet can not be used, it becomes difficult. Staying active on social media especially for youth has become a habit. There can be no updates on Facebook or internet, nor can you share your special moments. But there is a way you can use Facebook without internet. If you do not have internet then you can just update Facebook by dialing a number.

How to Use Facebook Without Using internet:

  1. You must dial a number to update Facebook without internet. For this, you have to spend 1 rupee for 1 day.
  2. Let us know, Fonetwish offers USSD service for Facebook. To update without internet status, dial 325 # or fbk # from your phone.
  3. After that enter your Facebook ID and password. After this you will receive a message. Your reply will be activated as soon as you reply to it.
  4. In it you will be able to update your Facebook status through the message. In this you will be able to manage notifications, status updates, posts, friend requests etc.

If you want to deactivate this service, dial * 325 * 22 # from your mobile


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