These 5 features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will not be available in the iPhone X

Giant Mobile Makers Apple launched three new devices during an event on its 10th anniversary. It is believed that all of Apple’s phones can give a tough competition to the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and other smartphones in the iPhone X market. But you hardly know that some features in the iPhone X have not been included which you can find in Samsung’s recently launched flagship smartphone Note 8. In this post, I’m telling you about 5 features which are available in Samsung  but you will not find them in iPhone X.

Iris scanning / fingerprint scanner


Apple’s latest model, iPhone X, has been launched with Face ID features. This feature can unlock your phone with your face recognition. Let me tell you, the company first introduced its model iPhone 5S with the Touch ID in 2013, but this feature has been removed in the iPhone X. The same, rumors say that the company has included fingerprint sensor in its iPhone X. That’s because the company could not embed it in the smartphone’s display. The same, along with the Galaxy Note 8 fingerprint sensor feature, is available with Iris scanning feature. That is, you will get the convenience of both features in Galaxy Note 8.

Screen off memo feature


As we all know, S Pen is the most popular feature of Note Line-up. The S Pen feature made by the company makes it special from other smartphones. With Note 8, Samsung has made S Pen more useful. With the Note 8’s new screen of memo feature, you can also bring down the 100 pages of note without turning on the phone’s display. You can always pin these notes to the Galaxy Note 8 display, where you can easily edit these notes.

Easily Make Translation


With the help of Galaxy Note 8 you can easily customize the text you want. For this you have to select the text you want to translate and take the S pen over it. After that the text will be translated. Along with this, it also translates the text written in the image.

Nifty Dual Camera Tricks


Samsung has included two nifty features ‘Live Focus’ and ‘Dual Capture’ in the Dual Camera in its Galaxy Note 8. The Live Focus feature helps you to blur background while taking a shot. The same, its Dual Capture feature is quite special and easy to use. With this help you can use both Wide Angle and Telephoto lens at the same time. That is, after clicking a shot, you can choose which photo you want to keep.

Handwriting Recognition


In Samsung Galaxy Note 8 you can write not only the notes using the S pen, but also you can identify handwriting. For this, you have to select that text and place the S pen on it.


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