Indian users can easily be able to donate blood by the new feature of Facebook

Social networking site Facebook has introduced a new feature for Indian users. Under this feature, users can register for Blood Donation on Facebook. This feature launched on Facebook on October 1.

Learn about new features:

According to Facebook, users try to contact blood donors via social media. It has been observed that there is considerable reduction in safe blood in India. Given this situation, Facebook has released this feature. As soon as this feature is released, blood donors will be able to contact hospitals and patients easily. Also, your nearest donor’s address will be put under this feature.

How does it looks

This feature will appear in Facebook’s Newsfeed. Here a message will be given which will allow users to register for registration. Let us know that you can set the privacy of this feature according to you. By default it will remain only me. According to the news, this feature will be released first on Android and mobile web.

At the same time, the company is also doing the test of Instant Video Features. Through this feature Wi-Fi can be pre-downloaded for the smartphone on the smartphone. According to media reports, through this feature, if users watch videos on their platform, their data will be less costly. Users will also be able to recover from network connection problems. However, the company has not yet disclosed that when this feature will be fully rolled out.

Pre-downloaded videos can be viewed without buffering. But it is not yet clear what Facebook will pre-download the video and how long they will remain in the user’s phone. Facebook has said that when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, it will download the video in the user’s phone.


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