5 simple tips to get rid of the battery issue of iOS 11

Apple recently updated its operating system by launching iOS 11. If you are an iPhone user and if you updated it in your phone then obviously you may have encountered a battery related problem. However you do not have to worry about it. I will try to tell you in this post that you can get rid of the battery related problems by keeping things in mind.

1. Get some time after updating

If you have recently updated iOS 11, then it is imperative for the smartphone’s battery life to be short for a while. This is because many files are time-consuming after the new software is updated or restored. Along with this, due to the Wi-Fi or cellular connection running, it also has an effect on your device’s battery.

2. Turn off background apps

There are some apps in your phone that ask for access to the location and notifications. In such cases, these apps keep playing in your smartphone’s background and keep using your phone’s battery. It would be better if you turn off these apps.

3. Reset Power Cycle

There may be several reasons for the device’s battery to be low. In such a situation, if any trick does not work, you can reset the phone’s power cycle. For this, you will have to completely finish the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s battery once a month and then complete full charge.

4. Turn Off Location Service

The GPS service in the phone also reduces your device’s battery. If you do not need a GPS, then turn it off in the phone’s settings and turn it off. For this, by going to the settings of the phone – by going to privacy – turn off the location service.

5. Disable iCloud Keychain

IPhone and iPad users use Icloud Keychain. However this quickly eliminates your device’s battery life. If you do not use Icloud Keychain, then turn it off. For this, by going to the phone’s settings – go to iCloud – select Keychain and turn off the Toggle iCloud Keychain.


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