If you put it on your phone, blind people will “see” your eyes

More than half a million people are seeing blind and visually impaired people with this application. They will be grateful to the needy if they download and sometimes use one minute.

When Be My Eyes helping the blind and visually impaired came to the iPhone, it became very popular, and even in the first few days, there was still a chance to download it. Since then, the application has been a very serious issue: 40,000 needy people worldwide and, more importantly, more than 550,000 people. The latter group is small in the life of blind people, but they can provide tremendous help for them – now the app is downloadable from Android, from the Google Play store.


Just one example: a blind user wants to drink milk, but he is not sure whether his warranty has expired. At the touch of a button, you will be asked to help with the phone’s camera to see what to watch (in this case, the shelf life on the milk packaging), and the first visitor who reads and responds quickly can say what date is on the box.

It’s easy to help. You will be notified of such cases on your mobile, if you are alerted and responded. In addition to the great feeling for a needy person to help such a fast-paced everyday thing alone, he also gets a virtual reward, and visual impaired users appreciate the helpers.


After downloading, you must only accept the terms of use and then choose whether they are visually impaired or seeing a volunteer. Then a facebook or e-mail registration is required and the language is selected. Seeing users will then have to wait for the notifications and help whenever they have a free minute.

Be My Eyes is now available on Android.
Join the community today by downloading Be My Eyes in the Google Play Store.

If you want to know about similar things at another time, check out the Digshire’s Facebook page.



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